About Tzedukas Hu'ir

Tzedukas Hu'ir was created to assist with families struggling financially. We make sure that nobody knows that horrible feeling of despair that comes along with monetary burden and debt.


Holidays/Special Events

Holiday expenses can be overwhelming for large families. New shoes, matzos, wine, and meat-Tzedukas Hu'ir is there for it all.



When a family is struck by fire, the feeling of staying without a roof over their head, is overwhelming. Tzedukas Hu'ir is there to take care of the situation.



When an accident or emergency strikes a family, Tzedukas Hu'ir will help with emergency care and money if the family has issues with insurance.


Emergency Care

Illness can fall on a family like a thundercloud. The family can deal with the emotional turmoil that sickness creates without having to handle the financial aspect and mounting medical bills, thanks to Tzedukas Hu'ir.


Monthly Financial Aid

Many families unfortunately cannot push through the month. They lack basic necessaties and food. That's where Tzedukas Hu'ir will take over with the burden by sending monthly checks anonymously.


Weddings and Simchos

At a time of intense joy, many families fall into crushing debt that threatens to crush the simcha. Tzedukas Hu'ir will make sure this never ever happens to one of its families.


Food and Clothing

When basic necessaties such as food and clothing become unaffordable, the depths of poverty have been reached. Tzedukas Huir will assure that this never ever happens in their city, by providing the needs of the needy.


Willing Volunteers


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Families Helped


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The Goals
OF Tzedukas Hu'ir

The goal of Tzedukas Hu'ir is that no family should ever have to experience the pain of being in debt, of children going hungry, or of not being able to properly enjoy a holiday or simcha because there is no money.

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  • When Our home was struck by a major fire, we were standing outside and watching the flames demolish our future. We stayed with nothing. Along came Tzedukas Hu'ir and within no time, arranged a temporary home, took us shopping for basic necessaties, and made sure we had everything to continue our lives! We are forever grateful!

    M. L.
  • Since I lost my job, every day has been a struggle. From where do I pay the rent? How will I put food on the table? New shoes, clothing, Matzos and wine for Passover! And then one day I opened my mailbox, and like an angel, there was a monthly check just waiting to be deposited! Thank you, Tzedukas Hu'ir

    Chaim R.
  • We see daily miracles happening in the offices of Tzedukas Hu'ir. People, who a day before didn't know how they will ever go back home, knowing that their pockets were empty, came home smiling. We have celebrated so many simchos and seudos Hodaah! It is a pleasure working here. I would never give it up!

    Yisroel G.-Volunteer

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